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Spiritual Camp Of Initiatic Art

Romania, Costinești, 3rd of July - 10th of July 2017


Divine Art, a wise method for Self-Revelation, which helps us connect, through inspired and complete resonance with the gigantic, divine force-spheres of love, beauty, good and universal harmony.



The camp structure :
- Module I: between 3rd - 6th of July 2017, spiritual initiation in the Initiatic method offered in last years' SiddhaArta camps.
- Module II: between 7th - 10th of July 2017, second initiation which will be received only by those who received the first initiation.

- Spiritual-Artistic application: on 6th of July 2017 for Module I, and on 10th of July 2017 for Module II.
- Spiritual-Artistic Creation Module for those of you who already finished Module I (so you can benefit from the exceptional subtile support to start, work on or finalize your artistic projects, having initiatic consulting in the field of: plastic arts, music, literature, drama, film, dance, photography), between 3rd - 10th of July 2017.

The program of the camp is structured as follows:
- Spiritual initiation, an essential key that will give a new artistic orientation at a planetary level - initiation offered by our spiritual guide;
- Second initiation about the sublime expression of divine poetic in arts as a universal language;
- Spiritual exemplifications done with our spiritual guide's support;
- Artistic and spiritual conferences;
- Techniques and original group games for stimulating creativity;
- Scenic production workshops;

The camp activities will take place at:
Yoghi's holiday retreat buildings.

The program will be in romanian language, with english translation.

For registration:
3 photos in bathing suit, 10/15cm, made in 2017. Write on the back of the photos your personal information. Also specify that is "For the SiddhaArta spiritual camp of Initiatic Art".


Participation fee: 40 euro/module or 60 euro for both modules.
Registration deadline: 21st of June 2017.

The photos will be sent to "Bibliotecă" ("Biblioteca şi centrul de documentare MISA", Şoseaua Sălaj Nr.2, Bl. 126A, Sector 5, Bucharest, Romania).

Attention! You cannot register directly in the camp.

Attention! If you have already the initiation card, please bring it with you.

Attention! The program of the camp will start on Monday, 3rd of July 2017, at 11.00, and the presence is required as we will start the initiation. For the second module the presence is needed on Friday, 7th of July 2017, at 15.00.
The presence in the module's activities is mandatory in order to receive the initiation.
Artists who are not following yoga classes can particapate in this camp, with the same requirements.

Această adresă de e-mail este protejată de spamboţi; aveţi nevoie de activarea JavaScript-ului pentru a o vizualiza
Beatrice: tel. (004) 0725.211.740
Tamás: tel. (004) 0788.236.792 (Telekom)
George: tel. (004) 0722.800.851
(for the Creation Camp)


Application Form

Personal information:



Date of birth:

Zodiac sign and Ascendant:

Address (city, country):

Phone number:

E-mail address:


Only for the participants in the Creation Camp:
The domain in which you will create (plastic arts, music,
literature, drama, film, dance, photography):



Fasting day(s):

The artistic domain in which you activate:

Since when do you activate in the artistic domain
mentioned earlier?

Other artistic aptitude:

The artistic group you are part of:

How do you see ideal, divine art?

What is the role of art in your life?

Why do you want to participate in this divine, initiatic art camp?

How do you think we can revolutionize today's art?

Tell us briefly about a moment in which you felt artistically inspired:

Do you have a sense of humor? ...Where?